Ice Age 3 wallpaper

Dawn of the Dinosaur

Your iced friends are back, and the story is even funnier



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If you had fun watching Ice Age and Ice Age: The meltdown, you'll be looking forward to watching Ice Age 3: Dawn of the dinosaurs. July 2009 is the day when Ice Age 3 Dawn of the Dinosaurs will be in theaters worldwide, that's a long wait so we offer you the official wallpaper to have your desktop prepared for the event.

We won't say anything you don't know if we tell you that Scrat is still trying to catch the ever elusive nut, but we can tell you something new: Manny and Ellie are waiting for the birth of their mini mammoth, Diego wonders if he's growing too soft hanging with his pals while Sid the sloth gets into trouble again when he hijacks some dinosaur eggs to create his own makeshift family.

That latest fact is the one that leads all the gang to rescue Sid, they'll go into an underground world where they'll have an encounter with dinosaurs and will meet a new friend named buck.

If you like Ice Age, you'll love Ice Age 3 and now you can set all your iced friends on your desktop with this Ice Age 3 Wallpaper featuring all of them: Diego, Sid, Manny, Ellie, Scratte and Scrat in front of the mouth of a dinosaur.
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